She called herself an

intuitive artist

From an early age I used creativity to feel and process my emotions. As a child this was very natural for me but growing up I lost touch with this intuitive way of living, fearing my vulnerability and seeing it as a weakness. During this time I got lost in an eating disorder and made myself small and unseen so I could not be hurt.

In my heart I felt this was not the meaning of life and a long beautiful healing journey started. I got back in contact with my intuition, learned that there are lots of interesting playgrounds in-between black and white and started feeling again.

I now know that vulnerability is my strength and creativity a tool to express my inner landscape into this world.   

An education and career in fashion developed my eye for aesthetics. Running a branding agency for 5 years made me trust my creative power again. I feel a great love for the new adventure I am on, making Intuitive art and co-creating brand designs from the Inside-out.

Art prints