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IDA foundation

Visual identity, stationary, style guide and various brand materials for IDA foundation.

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Trouwen met Amy

Logotype and web design for photographer Trouwen met Amy.

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Festival JOY

Logotype, visual identity and several print works for Festival JOY, 2017.

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Fysio Spigt

Logotype, web design and print work for Fysio Spigt.

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het Food Truck Kookboek

Layout and cover design for 'het Food Truck Kookboek'.

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Baby cards

Baby cards designed for the smallest people.

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Yoga Therapy Conference

Logotype and print work design for the Yoga Therapy Conference in Amsterdam.

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Festival DORST

Logotype, web design and print work for Festival DORST.

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Fysio on the move

Stationary and web design for Fysio on the Move.

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MMousse Amsterdam

Web design, magazine design and stationary for creative agency MMousse.

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Wedding Cards

Designs to make your wedding day even more special.

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Design for lay-out and cover.

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Festival TREK

Logotype, visual identity and stationary design for Festival TREK, 2017.

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Change Coaching

Branding, photography and web design for Change Coaching.

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Yagoy Yoga Studio

Illustrations and graphic design for Yagoy yoga studio Amsterdam.

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Een Stap Voor

Branding, photography and web design for the child and youth practice Een Stap Voor.

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Anna Scott

Visual identity for new concept launch Anna Scott at Bread & Butter, Berlin.

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Anna Scott

Brochure design and styling photoshoot for Anna Scott.

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Designer Tony Cohen

Graphic design fold brochure for fashion designer Tony Cohen.

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CMK1 project Salon/1 Book

Graphic design for Salon/1 Book.

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Gone in sixty polaroids

Documentary about travelling with a polaroid camera.